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// Copyright 2015 The Serulian Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package vcs
// VCSHandler defines a handler for working with a VCS package.
type VCSHandler interface {
// Kind returns the kind of this handler.
Kind() string
// Detect detects whether this handler matches the given checkout directory.
Detect(checkoutDir string) bool
// Checkout performs a full checkout.
Checkout(path vcsPackagePath, downloadPath string, checkoutDir string) error
// HasLocalChanges detects whether the directory has uncommitted code changes.
HasLocalChanges(checkoutDir string, ignoreEntries ...string) bool
// Update performs a pull/update of a checked out directory.
Update(checkoutDir string) error
// Inspect inspects a checked out directory, returning its HEAD SHA.
Inspect(checkoutDir string) (string, error)
// ListTags lists all tags/version of a project in a checked out directory.
ListTags(checkoutDir string) ([]string, error)
// IsDetached returns whether the checked out directory is in a detached state.
IsDetached(checkoutDir string) (bool, error)
// GetPackagePath returns the VCS Package Path information for the checked out directory.
GetPackagePath(checkoutDir string) (vcsPackagePath, error)
// Tag tags the revision in the checked out directory with the given tag.
Tag(checkoutDir string, tag string, message string) error
var vcsByKind = map[string]VCSHandler{
"git": gitVcs{},
"__fake_git__": fakeGitVcs{},
// GetHandlerByKind returns the VCS handler for the given VCS kind, if any.
func GetHandlerByKind(kind string) (VCSHandler, bool) {
found, ok := vcsByKind[kind]
return found, ok
// DetectHandler attempts to detect which VCS handler is applicable to the given checkout
// directory.
func DetectHandler(checkoutDir string) (VCSHandler, bool) {
for _, handler := range vcsByKind {
if handler.Detect(checkoutDir) {
return handler, true
return nil, false
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