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interface Window {};
interface Object {
getter any (String propertyName);
setter void (String propertyName, any value);
Boolean hasOwnProperty(String propertyName);
String toString();
static void defineProperty(Object o, String propertyName, Object descriptor);
static Array keys(Object o);
[Constructor, NativeOperator=Plus, NativeOperator=Equals]
interface String {
static String fromCharCode(optional Number char1);
String toString();
String valueOf();
String charAt(any position);
Number charCodeAt(any position);
String concat(optional any string1);
Number indexOf(optional any searchString, optional any position);
Number lastIndexOf(optional any searchString, optional any position);
Number localeCompare(any that);
Array match(RegExp pattern);
String replace(any pattern, any replacement);
Number search(RegExp pattern);
String slice(any start, any end);
Array split(any separator, optional Number limit);
String substring(any start, any end);
String toLowerCase();
String toLocaleLowerCase();
String toUpperCase();
String toLocaleUpperCase();
String trim();
readonly attribute Number length;
getter String (Number index);
[Constructor(any value), NativeOperator=Equals]
interface Boolean {
String toString();
[Constructor(optional any value),
NativeOperator=Plus, NativeOperator=Minus, NativeOperator=Times,
NativeOperator=Div, NativeOperator=Mod, NativeOperator=Equals]
interface Number {
static readonly attribute Number MAX_VALUE;
static readonly attribute Number MIN_VALUE;
static readonly attribute Number NaN;
static readonly attribute Number NEGATIVE_INFINITY;
static readonly attribute Number POSITIVE_INFINITY;
String toString();
String toLocaleString();
Number valueOf();
String toFixed(any fractionDigits);
String toExponential(any fractionDigits);
String toPrecision(any precision);
interface Array {
static Boolean isArray(any x);
String toString();
String toLocaleString();
Array concat(optional any item1);
String join(any separator);
Array pop();
Array push(optional any item1);
Array reverse();
any shift();
Array slice(any start, any end);
Array sort(any comparator);
Array splice(any start, any deleteCount, optional any item1);
Number unshift(optional any item1);
Number indexOf(any searchElement, optional Number fromIndex);
Number lastIndexOf(any searchElement, optional Number fromIndex);
Boolean every(any predicator, any this);
Boolean some(any predicator, any this);
void forEach(any iterator, any this);
Array map(any iterator, any this);
Array filter(any predicator, any this);
any reduce(any reductor, optional any initial);
any reduceRight(any reductor, optional any initial);
attribute Number length;
getter any (Number index);
setter void (Number index, any value);
[Constructor(any pattern, any flags)]
interface RegExp {
readonly attribute String source;
readonly attribute Boolean global;
readonly attribute Boolean ignoreCase;
readonly attribute Boolean multiline;
attribute Number lastIndex;
Array exec(any string);
Boolean test(any string);
String toString();
interface Function {
void call(any thisArg);
interface Function1 {
void call(any thisArg, any arg1);
interface Function2 {
void call(any thisArg, any arg1, any arg2);
interface JSON {
static Object parse(String text, optional any reviver);
static String stringify(any value, optional any replacer, optional any space);
interface Math {
static Number floor(Number value);
static Number ceil(Number value);
static Number round(Number value);
[Constructor(optional String message, optional String fileName, optional Number lineNumber)]
interface Error {
readonly attribute String message;
readonly attribute String fileName;
readonly attribute String name;
readonly attribute Number lineNumber;
readonly attribute Number columnNumber;
readonly attribute String stack;
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