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<title>Install Serulian</title>
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<a href="/" class="language-title">Serulian</a>
<a href="/gettingstarted">Getting Started</a>
<a href="/guide">Guide</a>
<a class="active-section" href="/install">Install</a>
<a href="">Blog</a>
<a href="">File an issue</a>
<div class="container">
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<h2>Serulian Installation</h2>
<h3><img src="/homebrew.png">Homebrew</h3>
<div class="install-section">
<p>On OS X, Serulian can be installed using a <a href="" target="_blank">Homebrew</a> tap formula:</p>
<pre class="sh">brew tap serulian/serulian &amp;&amp; brew install serulian</pre>
<h3><img src="/docker.png">Docker</h3>
<div class="install-section">
<p>Serulian can be run via Docker by pulling the following image:</p>
<pre class="sh">docker pull</pre>
<p>The toolkit can then be used by mounting the source directory into the container when it is run:</p>
<pre class="sh">docker run -ti -v path/to/source/directory:/src/ build /src/somefile.seru</pre>
<p>The compiled result will be placed into the same mounted directory.</p>
<h3><img src="/gopher.png">Go source</h3>
<div class="install-section">
<p>To install Serulian from source, use via the <code>go get</code> command:</p>
<pre class="sh">go get -t</pre>
<p>Once complete, the <code>serulian</code> binary will be accessible under <code>$GOPATH/bin</code>:</p>
<pre class="sh">serulian build myentrypoint.seru</pre>
<h2><img src="/vscode.png">Visual Studio Code Extension</h2>
<div class="install-section">
Serulian publishes <a href="">an extension for Visual Studio Code</a>, which allows for full IDE tooling,
including syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and more.
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