Corporate phrases turn our stomach. We're replacing the terms we're so sick of hearing - to a fun equivalent. Contribute on GitHub!
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Fluffify for Chrome

Coorporate phrases and 'enterprise' words turn our stomach. Unfortunately other people write them, but with technology we're not completely helpless! We've devised a Chrome plugin to replace the terms we're so sick and tired of hearing - to an equivalent (that we're not).


We've made Fluffify for DevOps teams, in keeping with that we've also open sourced it. As part of the DevOps community why not add to the list of words that we're banning from our browsers:

Go ahead and make a pull request to add more words to share with the DevOps community.

How to use

Fluffify is really simple:


  1. Toggle the plugin on and off.
  2. Add and remove from your list of local words to change from the Fluffify Options menu. Chrome > Settings > Extensions > Fluffify Options.


Inspired by the famous extension 'Cloud-to-butt', XKCD #1288 and Clarke's third law; "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".