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Server Density API

Are you using the right API version?

These docs are for Server Density v1 - customers with account URLs ending in .com e.g. If your account URL ends with .io e.g. then you are on v2 and should go to


And see this support article for help with using curl.


The Server Density API is implemented over simple HTTP with JSON responses authenticated using basic HTTP auth. It allows you to manage most aspects of the service including retrieving your historical server monitoring data, current status and post back data to us without needing the agent.


All requests go through You can also access without SSL, although this is not recommended.


All requests must access a specific API version, which is appended to the URL e.g.

See the Release Notes for changes to the API. New versions will be announced on the Server Density blog.

Post requests

Some methods use HTTP POST to pass parameters. These need to include the HTTP header:

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Authentication is through Basic HTTP Auth against your Server Density account. Each user has the same permissions with access to the same devices and services as they do through the web UI.

Enable the API for a user

  1. Log into your Server Density account
  2. Click the Users tab then click Edit next to the user you wish to enable access for.
  3. Tick the Enable API box and clik the Save changes button.


API keys

We used to require a separate registration to obtain an API key in order to access the API. This proved to be unncessarily complicated so we have removed the need for keys and separate developer accounts.

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