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A livechat application based on Symfony 2, Doctrine 2 ODM
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What is ServerGroveLiveChat?

ServerGroveLiveChat is a PHP 5.3 Symfony 2 application that allows website visitors to engage in a web-based chat with operators of a website. It allows a company to offer live chat support.


  • PHP 5.3.2 or newer
  • PHP mongo extension
  • MongDB database server
  • jQuery in your website to integrate the livechat button/tracker


  1. Download application package or clone the repository

  2. Setup a virtual host (optional) and restart web server

    <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot /usr/local/ServerGroveLiveChat/web ServerName ErrorLog "logs/livechat-error_log" CustomLog "logs/livechat-access_log" combined <Directory /usr/local/ServerGroveLiveChat/web> AllowOverride All

  3. Make sure web server can write to app/cache and app/logs, ie.:

     chmod -R 777 app/cache app/logs
  4. Configure MongoDB connection, by default it will connect with localhost, you can change it by editing app/config/config.yml

       server: mongodb://localhost:27017
  5. Configure the livechat caching engine. The application uses a caching engine to store chat status information. By default it will use APC, but you can also use mongo. You can configure it like this in app/config/config.yml:

       cache_engine: mongo
  6. Add a livechat administrator

     ./app/console sglivechat:admin:add-administrator "Your Name" password1234
  7. Launch launch administration interface and login with the administration information entered in step 6
  8. Add the livechat button and status indicator to your website:

    In <head>: <script src=""></script>

    In the location where you want the livechat button to appear: <script src=""></script>

  9. You can also test the livechat functionality by loading:


We encourage people to participate and contribute to the project. Feel free to clone the git repository and send us pull requests. Please contact us before starting a new feature to make sure there is no effort duplication.


  • Integration with Jabber for new chats alerts
  • Additional documentation
  • Bug fixes
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