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Generalization refactorings #6

wants to merge 88 commits into


None yet

Hi ServerGrove team,

My team have worked hard to turn this extension much more usable in a various ways.
Some enhancements are very good, but we had to drop ODM support for now since the team won't be using it, but we did our best to turn into very extendable and reusable for other mappings.
Here is a list of enhancements:

  • Add Locale
  • Drop Locale
  • New entries now supports Domain and File
  • ORM support
  • XLIFF support

We hope you like it! =)


Guilherme Blanco on behalf of InstaClick Inc.

guilhermeblanco and others added some commits Feb 7, 2012

Refactored the code from ImportCommand to Base; finished the coding t…
…o analyze, classify the translation and rendered into a string in ExportCommand. Please note that ExportCommand in this commit cannot write a file.
Optimized ORMStorage and also added missing methods on StorageInterfa…
…ce. Also, moved ObjectManager compatible code to AbstractStorage.
refactor the importer to allow multi file type imports
delegate the import to an ImportInterface implementation that supports
the file type

asm89 commented Feb 28, 2012

Any news on this?

I have a pending patch that removes the necessity of importers configuration.
It also already update docs.
So as soon as possible (and the author updates PR with suggested changes), I'll merge and it will become ok to ServerGrove to merge.

catacgc and others added some commits Feb 28, 2012

Merge pull request #1 from catacgc/master
Fix some configuration bugs and add some info about the configuration in README.md

Hi @pgodel !

I merged a new change @catacgc submitted.
Now it's much reach since you don't require to define the importer and also YAML exporter is running smoothly.

Any estimates when you're going to merge his?

dinamic commented Apr 9, 2012

Last comment on this one has been a month ago. Any updates since then?

dinamic commented May 9, 2012

@pgodel ping


pgodel commented May 9, 2012

We have not had time to merge the PR yet, sorry! We have been swamped with work. If there is anybody willing to implement mongodb in the PR it would be great!

gimler commented Aug 14, 2012

ping. warm up this topic again.

gimler commented Aug 17, 2012

this ticket fix #5 and #1

Great PR but:

  • Documentation is not up-to-date, refer to Mongo, Orm, but do not expose the right one;
  • Why the f*** Pablo's name is removed from the composer file? authors accept an array;
  • Classes declared as services in Resources/config/services.xml should be parameters.

Beside that, ping @servergrove - this definitly deserve a merge 👍


pgodel commented Feb 5, 2013

We are still swamped with work. Hopefully will be able to dedicate some time soon, sorry.

👍 Nice PR

alex88 and others added some commits Apr 10, 2013

Updated bootstrap and jquery assets url
Bootstrap urls were giving 404 and I've updated them with netdna hosted version and also the new jquery version
Merge pull request #10 from alex88/patch-1
Updated bootstrap and jquery assets url

Note: the reason the bootstrap URLs are 404'ing is due to https://github.com/blog/1452-new-github-pages-domain-github-io

gimler commented Apr 17, 2013



servergrove commented Apr 17, 2013

Hi Gordon.

We can't merge this PR without mongodb support and we haven't been able to implement it yet. Not sure when we will have time. If you or someone can do it, it will be very much welcomed.

Pablo Godel

On Apr 17, 2013, at 9:29, Gordon Franke notifications@github.com wrote:


Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub.

next goal

You gotta check if there isn't already an existing one before approving an entry modification. =)

Don't think this one is possible anymore. Google Translation API is now paid only IIRC.


robocoder replied Dec 19, 2013

So, it's technically possible. It just wouldn't be free.

I think you can do this already using alternate Symfony tools. Needs checking.

ivch and others added some commits Jun 26, 2014

saveLocal & saveEntry fix
In current version there is a problem with "Create Locale/Entry" forms.
Actually ajax request for saving doesn't works because saveEntryForm() and saveLocaleForm() receive wrong object
Merge pull request #15 from ivch/patch-1
saveLocal & saveEntry fix
Merge pull request #16 from pasinter/master
Added MonogDB storage support
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