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Serverless Components

The official organization for Serverless Framework Components maintained by


  1. Ready-to-use, serverless, full-stack application built with AWS Lambda, Express.js, React, AWS DynamoDB and AWS HTTP API.

    JavaScript 303 44

  2. express Public

    Take existing Express.js apps and host them easily on cheap, auto-scaling, serverless infrastructure (AWS Lambda and AWS HTTP API).

    JavaScript 373 27

  3. website Public

    Instantly deploy static website on serverless infrastructure with zero configuration using Serverless Components.

    JavaScript 146 48

  4. Easily provision AWS DynamoDB tables using Serverless Components.

    JavaScript 59 11

  5. graphql Public

    Deploy and manage GraphQL applications on serverless infrastructure easily, cheaply and scale massively.

    JavaScript 46 4

  6. The easiest way to deploy and manage AWS IAM Roles, powered by Serverless Components.

    JavaScript 13 12


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