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Updated the documentation and configuration to follow the new login
method - there's no need to configure the environment variables; updated
the example to be a little less cluttered; updated the sample commands
to pass data to the invoke command.
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Simple HTTP example

In this example, we deploy an HTTP Node.js Azure Function. This sample show you how to read properties off of a query string or the request body, then set a result back to Azure.

See the Azure Functions Serverless Plugin docs for more info.

Note: you may need to change the service name in serverless.yml


  1. We recommend Node.js v6.5.0
  2. Install the serverless framework - npm install -g serverless
  3. Install the dependencies of this example - npm install


To deploy, use the deploy and follow the instructions to log into your Azure account.

$ serverless deploy
Serverless: Packaging service...
Serverless: Logging in to Azure
Serverless: Paste this code (copied to your clipboard) into the launched browser, and complete the authentication process: BLAZSRMVJ

Once authenticated, the session will continue and deploy the app.


Invoke the deployed function using the invoke command.

$ serverless invoke -f hello -d "{ \"name\": \"World\" }"
Serverless: Logging in to Azure
"Hello World"