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Scope Front-end

The status board front-end is fully configurable to suite your projects needs.

Built with React, PostCSS, Axios for AJAX requests & Serverless for the backend API

Watch the Backend Video Tutorials first, then follow on with the Front-end Video Tutorials

Table of Contents

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  1. npm install install the deps

  2. Then run with npm start

The UI files are located in /src


Alter the src/custom.config.js file to define override any of the default settings

Default settings

/* Add your custom configuration/overides to custom.config.js */
const customConfig = require('./custom.config')()

module.exports = () => {
  const defaults = {
    /** Set the react mount node you want to use */
    mountNodeID: 'status-board',
    /** Set your repo userName/repoName */
    repo: 'serverless/serverless',
    /** Override the styles of the board */
    theme: {
      /** Color of the board's background */
      backgroundColor: '#191919',
      /** Color of the column header labels */
      columnHeadingColor: '#fff',
      /** Color of the column header (count) label */
      columnCountColor: '#9e9e9e',
      /** Background color of the cards in the columns */
      cardBackgroundColor: '#eee',
      /** Text color and icon color of the cards in the columns */
      cardTextColor: '#000',
    /** Set your API endpoints returned from the backend deployment here */
    api: {
      // open: '',
      // completed: ''
      open: '',
      completed: ''
    /** Recently completed column settings */
    recentlyCompleted: {
      /** Set to false to hide recently completed column */
      show: true
    /** Set column sort order. 'updated_at', 'created_at', 'comments', 'milestone' */
    sortBy: 'updated_at',
    /** Set column sort order. 'asc' or 'desc' */
    sortOrder: 'desc',
    /** Keep Milestones at top of column */
    stickyMilestones: false,
    /** Configure your github labels to map into columns here */
    columns: [
        /** Column title */
        title: "discussing",
        /** Github labels to show in this column */
        githubTags: [
        title: "waiting",
        githubTags: [
        title: "coding",
        githubTags: [
        title: "reviewing",
        githubTags: [
    /** Visible ribbons on cards. You can customize these per tag if you wish */
    ribbons: {
      /** Github label to match. 'kind/bug' */
      'kind/bug': {
          /** Visible text in ribbon */
          text: 'Bug',
          /** Text color of this ribbon */
          textColor: '#fff',
          /** Background color of this ribbon */
          backgroundColor: '#f05656'
      'status/help-wanted': {
          text: 'Help wanted',
          textColor: '#fff',
          backgroundColor: '#38912c'
      'status/easy-pick': {
          text: 'Easy Pick',
          textColor: '#fff',
          backgroundColor: '#3FA731'
     * Optionally you can extern React if you already have it running globally on your site
     * This will shrink the build and use your sites window.React and window.ReactDOM
    excludeReact: false,
    /** Add your bucket name here to deploy the script */
    bucketName: '',
     *  Add your bucket path here to deploy the script.
     *  Our scripts will live in the s3 bucket
    bucketPath: 'apps/status-board',
    /** set to true to debug sorting */
    debug: false,

  if (customConfig.columns) {
    // don't merge from defaults
    delete defaults.columns

  if (customConfig.ribbons) {
    // don't merge from defaults
    delete defaults.ribbons

  return require('deepmerge')(defaults, customConfig)


There are two ways to deploy the site.

  1. You can deploy the full static app
  2. You can just deploy the script and embed this on your site

1. Deploying stand alone app

  1. Run npm run build

  2. The frontend application is built and ready to go. cd into the build folder and you can deploy this html + js to your static host of choice.

2. Deploying embeddable app

This is my preferred option and is what is running on the serverless status page

  1. Run npm run build

  2. Make sure you configured your bucketName and bucketPath in src/custom.config.js then run npm run dist

<script src=""></script>
  1. Embed the script on your site and include the mountNode for the statusBoard to load
<div id='status-board'></div>
  1. Profit

Reloading for Ajax/Router driven sites

if (typeof window.statusBoardReload !== 'undefined') {
  console.log('reload from app');

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