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Welcome to the Serverless v1.0 documentation.

Here you'll find all the necessary information you need to learn and understand Serverless. It'll show you how you can build next generation Serverless applications. Furthermore we'll deep dive into the internals of Serverless so that you know how it works and how you can extend and modify it!

Quick start

Follow these simple steps to install the beta, create and deploy your first service, run your function and remove the service afterwards.

  1. npm install -g serverless@beta
  2. mkdir my-first-service && cd my-first-service
  3. serverless create --template aws-nodejs
  4. serverless deploy
  5. serverless invoke --function hello
  6. serverless remove

How to contribute to Serverless

We love our community! Contributions are always welcomed! Jump right into our issues to join existing discussions or open up new ones if you have a bug or want to improve Serverless.

Also feel free to open up pull requests which resolves issues!

You may also take a look at our code of conduct.

User documentation

Running in DEBUG mode

If you run into issues/errors while working with Serverless, we print a user-friendly error. However, when reporting bugs, it's often useful to output the stack trace and other important information. To set debug mode, make sure you set the environment variable SLS_DEBUG with the following command (if you're in Unix based system):

export SLS_DEBUG=*