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🌎 – 100% serverless website built w/ React, Gatsby, AWS Lambda & the Serverless Framework
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Serverless Site

This site is 100% serverless! πŸŽ‰

Built using react and gatsby this site is statically built and hosted on the netlify CDN for πŸ”₯blazingly fast performance and scale.

The docs, and blog are hosted on github, so if you see a typo or error feel free to contribute back!

API calls are made with the serverless framework pinging AWS lambda functions. User Authentication is handled via Auth0. Site search handled by Algolia.

Quick Start

1. Clone down the site

git clone

2. Install site dependencies


Install Yarn if you haven't already

2. Run site on your local computer

yarn dev

Open your browser to http://localhost:8000

Run yarn syncProd or yarn syncLocal to pull in the blog and docs repos (if the postinstall command doesn't run for you). These 2 commands pull in the external content sources the site uses.

Directory Structure

Refer directory structure doc

Editing Site Content

Fork the site and submit a pull request!

When you start the site with yarn dev it will start watching for file changes and they will be automatically refreshed in the site on http://localhost:8000

Blog edits:

To make edits to blog posts, edit the files in ./serverless-blog/posts (this directory is added on yarn)

Doc edits:

To make edits to framework docs, edit the files in ./serverless/docs (this directory is added on yarn)

Editing other pages

To make edits to other pages, browse through the ./pages directory, find the file with the name as the url of the page you want to edit. Then, open the file and edit the content.

For example, if you want to edit the contents of /framework, then look at framework.js inside ./pages directory and edit.

Developer Notes

Write react components with the components from serverless-design-system. Do not use basic html tags like div, span, h1 and etc. Use serverless-design-system components instead. To know more about the design-system components, refer the docs at

If you dont see a component in design-system to achieve the design needed, then you can write a new component with styled-components. For example: If you want to set a CSS property user-select to none for a Box component from design-system, then you can write a new component like this.

import styled from 'styled-components'
export default styled(Box)`
  -webkit-user-select: none;
  -moz-user-select: none;
  -ms-user-select: none;
  user-select: none;

Publishing Site Updates

1. Test the build command locally

yarn build

2. If build command succeeds, push up your changes to a new branch

We are using netlify to distribute the site.

When pushing up to a new branch, netlify will automatically publish that change to a unique subdomain, like: https://[lowercase-branch-name]

For example the branch updateDocsSetup published to

Successful deploys are published to the notifications slack channel

Note: The master branch is the live site. Never push directly to the master branch!

3. Review your live site changes

If everything looks good on your unique netlify subdomain, you can go ahead and merge your branch to master on github.

Merging branches into master will trigger a site rebuild and will be updated.

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