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ImageMagick for AWS Lambda

Scripts to compile ImageMagick utilities for AWS Lambda instances powered by Amazon Linux 2.x, such as the nodejs10.x or nodejs12.x or python 3.8 runtime, and the updated 2018.03 Amazon Linux 1 runtimes.

Amazon Linux 2 instances for Lambda no longer contain system utilities, so convert, mogrify and identify from the ImageMagick package are no longer available.


Absolutely the easiest way of using this is to pull it directly from the AWS Serverless Application repository into a CloudFormation/SAM application, or deploy directly from the Serverless Application Repository into your account, and then link as a layer.

For more information, check out the image-magick-lambda-layer application in the Serverless App Repository.

For manual deployments and custom builds, read below...


  • Docker desktop
  • Unix Make environment
  • AWS command line utilities (just for deployment)

Compiling the code

  • start Docker services
  • make all

There are two make scripts in this project.

  • Makefile is intended to run on the build system, and just starts a Docker container matching the AWS Linux 2 environment for Lambda runtimes to compile ImageMagick using the second script.
  • Makefile_ImageMagick is the script that will run inside the container, and actually compile binaries.

The output will be in the result dir.

Configuring the build

By default, this compiles a version expecting to run as a Lambda layer from /opt. You can change the expected location by providing a TARGET variable when invoking make.

The default Docker image used is lambci/lambda-base-2:build. To use a different base, provide a DOCKER_IMAGE variable when invoking make.

Modify the versions of libraries or ImageMagick directly in Makefile_ImageMagick.


  • make bash to open an interactive shell with all the build directories mounted
  • make libs to make only the libraries, useful to test building additional libraries without building ImageMagick itself

Bundled libraries

This is not a full-blown ImageMagick setup you can expect on a regular Linux box, it's a slimmed down version to save space that works with the most common formats. You can add more formats by including another library into the build process in Makefile_ImageMagick.

These libraries are currently bundled:

  • libpng
  • libtiff
  • libjpeg
  • openjpeg2
  • libwebp

Deploying to AWS as a layer

Run the following command to deploy the compiled result as a layer in your AWS account.


configuring the deployment

By default, this uses imagemagick-layer as the stack name. Provide a STACK_NAME variable when calling make deploy to use an alternative name.

example usage

An example project is in the example directory. It sets up two buckets, and listens to file uploads on the first bucket to convert and generate thumbnails, saving to the second bucket. You can deploy it from the root Makefile using:


Info on scripts

For more information, check out:


Gojko Adzic



ImageMagick for AWS Lambda 2 runtimes




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