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A benchmarking suite focused on processing speed, I/O performance and network bandwidth.


pip install serverscope-benchmark

Alternatively, go to and generate a command line that will install all dependencies and run it.


To run all benchmarks:

python -m serverscope_benchmark -e "" -p "Plan|Hosting provider"

To run only one or more benchmarks:

python -m serverscope_benchmark -e "" -p "Plan|Hosting provider" -i BENCHMARKS

where BENCHMARKS is comma separated list of possible benchmarks: speedtest,download,dd,fio,unixbench

For example, to run only dd and fio benchmarks, run it like this:

python -m serverscope_benchmark -e "" -p "Plan|Hosting provider" -i dd,fio

After running it, the results will be posted to and you will get a link to your report.