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🔥🔥🔥 An open source alternative to Mint, YNAB, and more. Stay on budget and build wealth without sacrificing your privacy.


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Financial Freedom

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Financial Freedom is an open source alternative to Mint, YNAB, and more. With open source at its core, you have the freedom to review exactly what's happening with your data and participate in the improvement of the product.

Break free from third parties tracking every financial footstep you have. Run this application on any device or host that supports Docker -- if that's something like AWS, Digital Ocean, or even your own Raspberry Pi running in your basement.


This product is actively being developed. This started as a fun side project that took off faster than we expected. We're currently revamping the product to make it easier for everyone to use and contribute.

Here's what you can do right now:

  • Watch our progress: Watch us in realtime with GitHub projects.
  • Join our Discord: We're actively discussing the product and how to make it better.
  • Star us on GitHub: Give us confidence that we're solving a problem that you care about.
  • Follow Twitter: We post frequent updates. Check our personal accounts too. (Dan & Jay)
  • Sponsor Us: We're a two person, bootstrapped team. Help us replace client projects with more time for open source projects.
Works with Any Bank Private Synchronization Self-host Anywhere
Tagging and Splitting Cash Flow and Budgets Global Currency Support


As an open-source project, we strive for transparency and collaboration in our development process. We greatly appreciate any contributions members of our community can provide. Whether you're fixing bugs, proposing features, improving documentation, or spreading awareness - your involvement strengthens the project. Please review our contribution guidelines and code of conduct to understand how we work together respectfully.

Need help getting started? Join our Discord community and we'll help you out!

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All of our software is free an open to the world. None of this can be brought to you without the financial backing of our sponsors.


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About Us

We're Dan and Jay - a two person team with a passion for open source products. We created Server Side Up to help share what we learn.

Dan Pastori
Jay Rogers

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Our products

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  • Bugflow: Get visual bug reports directly in GitHub, GitLab, and more.
  • SelfHost Pro: Connect Stripe or Lemonsqueezy to a private docker registry for self-hosted apps.

🌍 Open Source

  • AmplitudeJS: Open-source HTML5 & JavaScript Web Audio Library.
  • Spin: Laravel Sail alternative for running Docker from development → production.
  • PHP Docker Images: Laravel & WordPress optimized PHP Docker Images.