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Command Reference: Holding

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Command Aliases Syntax Description
holding hold, held /svs holding <item> Add an item to the list of possible items the player must be holding to use this ServerSign


Parameter Description
item If set to "hand" then the item currently held by the admin will be used.
If set to "0" then the held item requirement for the ServerSign will be removed.
Otherwise the item data should be specified individually. An item type MUST be given, all other parameters are optional.
The following parameters are available: id.<type> am.<amount> du.<durability> na.<display_name> lo.<lore>... en.<enchantment>.<level>...


/svs holding hand
/svs held 0
/svs hold id.STONE am.5
/svs holding id.DIAMOND\_SWORD en.SHARPNESS.3 na.&4God\_Sword
/svs held id.DIAMOND\_AXE lo.&6First\_lore\_required lo.&4Second\_lore_required
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