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Command Reference: Set Loops

EpiCanard edited this page Apr 5, 2022 · 2 revisions
Command Aliases Syntax Description
setloops setloop, setl /svs setloops <loop count> [loop delay] Convert an existing ServerSign to a looped ServerSign (60s delay by default)

Commands Executed

A looped ServerSign will execute all commands on the ServerSign once during each iteration - if the command requires a player that is not online, the command will be dropped.


Parameter Description
loop activation A looped ServerSign will begin iterating through executions after it has been triggered once. It will then block any more executions until the current loop is completed.
loop xount If set to '-1' then the ServerSign will have any existing loop data removed.
If set to '0' then the ServerSign's loop will continue infinitely until destroyed or the server restarts.
If set to any other values >0 then the ServerSign's loop will iterate this many times.
loop delay Defines the time in seconds between each loop of the ServerSign (defaults to 60 seconds if undefined).


/svs setloops 5
/svs setl 10 120
/svs setloop -1
/svs setl 0 3600
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