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The dns64 plugin implements the DNS64 IPv6 transition mechanism. From Wikipedia:

DNS64 describes a DNS server that when asked for a domain's AAAA records, but only finds A records, synthesizes the AAAA records from the A records.

The synthesis in only performed if the query came in via IPv6.


Not all features required by DNS64 are implemented, only basic AAAA synthesis.

  • Resolve PTR records
  • Follow CNAME records
  • Make resolver DNSSEC aware


dns64 {
    upstream ADDRESS...
    prefix IPV6
  • upstream specifies the upstream resolver.
  • prefix specifies any local IPv6 prefix to use, in addition to the well known prefix (64:ff9b::/96).


In recursive resolver mode:

# Perform dns64 AAAA synthesizing using for resolving any A 
dns64 {
proxy .

To make DNS64 resolve authoritatively, do:

dns64 {
    upstream localhost:53
    # caveat: additional round trip through networking stack

See Also and RFC 6147.


$ go get
$ go get
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ vim plugin.cfg
# Add the line before the hosts middleware
$ go generate
$ go build
$ ./coredns -plugins | grep dns64