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A decision tree to help you decide on the right AWS compute service for your needs.


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AWS Compute Decision Tree

With over 170 services to choose from, finding the right AWS compute service can be a challenge. This decision tree will help you find the right AWS compute service for your workload.

Either refer to the flowchart or the storyboard to find the right AWS compute service to suit your needs.


I found Storyboard by Viget to be a great tool to textualise the decision tree and create a choose your own adventure version of the tree.

You can access the live version of the storyboard here.

Feel free to create your own using the storyboard.json file. Simply copy the JSON and click the Paste button within the Storyboard.


The flowcharts are created using the VS Code extension Integration. This extension enables you to create diagrams from the VS Code editor and have them automatically be saved as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).



Think I've made a mistake or have a suggestion? Please let me know by raising an issue, or better yet, a pull request!