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The "Kubernetes Literature Dataset"

This curated dataset contains a graph representation of research output
and technologies around Kubernetes. It covers over 40 works from 2017 to
2019 in its second revision.

This dataset is produced by the scripts of the "Serverless Literature
Dataset", rebranded in generic form to "Structured Literature Dataset".
Therefore, the SLD needs to be downloaded first and this folder needs to
be placed into it in order to use the scripts when adding new entries or
producing statistics. Or just browse the existing results online.

Find all detailed documentation with the original scripts. In this file,
only the diverging commands are documented briefly.

Quick docs:
git clone
cd serverless-literature-dataset
git clone
cd kubernetes-literature-dataset
cd scraper; python3 ../../scraper/; cd ..
python3 ../
# ... (same with, etc.)


An evolving and community-curated dataset to capture Kubernetes-related literature (derived from SLD)



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