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The "Serverless Literature Dataset"

(Fourth revision)

This curated dataset contains a graph representation of available
research papers and technologies around serverless computing and FaaS.
It covers more than 180 works from 2016 to 2019. An early version of it
has been described in a paper "Systematic and open exploration of FaaS
and Serverless Computing research" which is available as open access
from and is recommended reading.

Relevant works are cross-linked to the "Benchmarking FaaS Platform -
Community driven Literature Review" effort.

A website offers convenient access to the dataset:

A blog post gives more details on the third revision of the datset:

Read on in "doc.txt" for how to:
- evolve the dataset (if you want to add research outputs to it)
- use the dataset (to cite papers with convenience)
- analyse the dataset (data science, bibliometrics, and survey papers)


An evolving and community-curated dataset to capture FaaS-related literature



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