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Identification of cloud provider by network location
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whatcloud: Which cloud am I in?
(☺) 2016 Josef Spillner <>

Whatcloud detects the caller's IP address and checks if it is located
within known cloud provider allocations. The tool is implemented as a
PHP script intended to be hosted in the cloud as well. For Bluemix and
other Cloudfoundry-based providers, create a suitable PHP project and
use 'cf push' to deploy. Otherwise, replace HTTP_X_CLIENT_IP by
REMOTE_ADDR to make it work.

The tool returns the provider identification as plain text when invoked
at the root URL (/). Alternatively, call /ip to see the detected IP
address without an attempt to find the provider. The service is logging
all requests. The logfile is protected and can be retrieved by
authorised parties (/logs/<secret>).

The matching rules are read from a CSV file which is evaluated for all
IPv4 addresses. IPv6 is presently not supported.

One instance of the tool is online at:

File structure:
 index.php     - web service
 check.php     - matching function
 .htaccess     - web service/web server integration
[.secret]      - create this file to access protected logs
 cloudnets.csv - cloud provider network database
 composer.json - no function, but required for CloudFoundry
 manifest.yml  - project settings for CloudFoundry
 README        - this brief documentation
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