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Welcome to Project Serviette - A Small Linux Based Communication Server


The goal of the project is a tiny machine for a local network (at en event) with some services to enable the communication between people without the need of a reliable Internet connection.


Several events had a very unstable connection to the internet and communication through online services thus had failed. The need for an independent local setup was given yet again. The installation for something local failed every so often especially because the internet connection had been flaky. so a host in the local network with some services seems to be the right solution.

The whole project was initially inspired by the idea of having a portable textpad (e.g. etherpad) installation, hence the project name Serviette (German word for napkin) has been chosen.

Other typical use-cases can be found on the [Scenarios] ( page.


We use IRC to chat - and a mailing list for discussion:

Further Reading