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Odroid U3+

The Odroid U3+ is the current development platform of the project. The current installation script contains some minor Odroid U3+ specific instuctions, which may not work on other platforms, but should not cause any problems.

  1. Download Debian Wheeze Base image

    wget http://odroid.us/odroid/odroidu2/debian/debian-wheezy-base-7.1.0.img.xz

  2. Unzip the downloaded image file

    xz -d debian-wheezy-base-7.1.0.img.xz

  3. Write the disk image to a micro SD card. Please note that the value of dd's "of" parameter depends on your local environment. Incorrect usage of the dd command may result in a loss of data.

    sudo dd if=debian-wheezy-base-7.1.0.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=4M sudo sync

  4. Put the micro SD card into the the Odroid U3+, connect it to your local network via network cable and power it up.

  5. Check your DHCP server to figure out which IP address was assigned to the Odroid U3+.

  6. Login via SSH. Default password is "odroid".

    ssh root@<IP_OF_ODROID>

  7. Download the serviette install script.

    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/serviette/serviette/master/serviette.sh

  8. Execute the install script.

    chmod +x serviette.sh ./serviette.sh

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