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Welcome to the HSLynk Open Source Data Warehouse wiki!

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The HSLynk Open Source Data Warehouse is a different way to approach a Homeless Management (HMIS) or general human services information system. If you don't want to host it yourself, we supply a scalable location where you can place, retrieve, and share your HMIS data. You use our open source APIs to get data into the warehouse (by wiring it to your existing apps (like CTA's HOME App, or by building your own app). Once the data is in the HSLynk Data Warehouse, you can run all your required HMIS reports, or do your own queries. HSLynk is best hosted by, since they provide support and VPC security for HSLynk.

This project started originally with HUD's HMIS and Coordinated Entry programs, but since our servers are interoperable and use a Master Patient Index, you can make it work with your other health and human services systems. We see this as the future: interconnected, specialized systems each serving different discrete purposes, so they can be mixed and matched as communities and funding sources require.

To learn more about the Open HMIS Data Warehouse development, click on the sections below. For installation instructions, see the README file. All the code is here and it's all open source. The coordinated entry service code is here.




Content in this wiki is released under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0):

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