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Pub Sub in HSLynk

Eric Jahn edited this page Sep 5, 2019 · 8 revisions

Publish and Subscribe (Pub/Sub) Framework in HSLynk

How it works, is that each data source in HSLynk securely publishes its data.  Trusted 3rd party apps can subscribe to that data feed.  When new data comes in, authorized users in trusted apps get notified.   The app users no longer have to keep checking for new information. 

We're going to use this for a lot of things:

  • coordinated entry matches (right now, coordinated entry match notifications are pushed with email only)

  • client Golden View updates 

  • configured alerts processing

  • APR reports availability (currently email only notifications)

  • import/export file processing updates

Here are some diagrams of use cases.  APIs are here.

  • The first use case shows one users updates getting pushed out to other users listening for changes across the customer account or sharing partners.

  • The second use case shows the alerting system listening for certain error messages happening within HSLynk, and sending those out, via Slack or email, to support staff and users, inside or outside HSLynk.

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