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Note - The World Bank took down their climate WebAPI. Darn it. We now depend on a docker version of the same until we work out what to do long term. Docker build and deploy this locally - - see README


docker build -t worldbank-weather-api-for-servirtium-development
docker run -d -p 4567:4567 worldbank-weather-api-for-servirtium-development

The build for this demo project needs that docker container running

Demo of Servirtium Service Virtualization

Servirtium (Java) itself:

A video that talks through this repo:

Synopsis: The World Bank's has a climate API. Among other things you can get rainfall data from history. Here's what that looks like in a normal browser (Rainfall from France 1980 - 1999):


There's a small Java API that wraps calls to the that XML service and gives a convenient programmatic interface to rainfall queries. There's tests too against known rainfall queries, that are used as a testbed for Servirtium.

Running the build (and tests)

This requires JDK 12 (or above) and Maven 3.6.1+ (or above) to run.

Running the tests DIRECTLY against the the World Bank's Climate API

This will hit the API direct at, with no Servirtium involved:

mvn clean install -Pdirect

^ -P is a profile in Maven, and 'direct' is the name of a profile which sets up tests with no Servirtium

Running the tests and RECORDING the the World Bank's Climate API

This will hit the API indirect at via Servirtium's Man-in-the-Middle recording server:

mvn clean install -Precord

^ a Maven profile of 'record' sets up tests with Servirtium in record mode, recording to src/test/mocks/ - (one recording per test method).

Running the tests against the the Servirtium's playback server

Ths used the using recordings from the recording above - straight from the file system (the adjacent mocks/ dir under source control):

mvn clean install -Pplayback

^ a Maven profile of 'playback' sets up tests with Servirtium in playback mode, using recordings done previously in src/test/mocks/ - (one recording per test method).

Running direct, playback and record modes together

mvn install -PdirectAndPlaybackAndRecord 

Overcoming climateweb's flakiness

Maven's test runner has a retry feature:

mvn install -Pdirect -Dsurefire.rerunFailingTestsCount=4
mvn install -Precord -Dsurefire.rerunFailingTestsCount=4

Playback is never flaky of course.

Seeing ClimateAPI's flakiness

Sometimes the World Bank's climate API is a little flaky. Here's what that looks like in a regular browser:


Here's a video of the same flaky experience inside Intellij while trying to run tests:

Watch the video

How to make this a Technology Compatibility Kit:

Make two jobs in your Travis/CircleCI setup:

  1. A job that uses tests in playback on a per commit basis. If you team says "we do CI", then this job being green confirms that, as always.

  2. A job that runs nightly or weekly that attempts to re-record the Servitium markdown, followed b a test that fails the job if there are significant differences. This bash script may help do that:

difff=$(git diff --unified=0 path/to/module/src/test/mocks/)

# optional ‘sed’ tricks above too if you want

if [[ -z "${difff}" ]]
      echo " - No differences versus recorded interactions committed to Git, so that's good"

      echo " - There should be no differences versus last TCK recording, but there were - see build log :-("
      echo "**** DIFF ****:${difff}."
      exit 1


Java demo of Servirtium using the World Bank's climate API






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