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Main Servirtium site:

A Servirtium library for Python

Demo project that uses it:

Alpha quality software

Working so far:

  • Record and playback of GET/POST/PUT

Not Working yet:

  • Support for "Transfer-Encoding" header for "chunked" response

Help needed from Pythonistas!

Building Servirtium lib/package for Python3

Execute the following commands to install the package locally:

pip3 install requests
cd servirtium-python
pip3 install -e .

OR install it from using following:

pip3 install servirtium

The 'demo-python-climate-data-tck' demo needs you to have built the Python version of Servirtium first as it is presently unpublished in pip-land.

Running unit tests

pip3 install pytest
cd servirtium-python

Running the compatibility suite

This should record a bunch of interactions, using a Mocha test suite that we launch via Selenium-WebDriver

python3 -m test.compatibility-suite record