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Rust bindings to Core Foundation and other low level libraries on Mac OS X and iOS
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bors-servo Auto merge of #341 - SSheldon:cocoa_version_0.19.1, r=jdm
Update cocoa version to 0.19.1

New version needed so that the #340 fixes can be published.
Latest commit 70aca43 Oct 16, 2019


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Targets macOS 10.7 by default.

To enable features added in macOS 10.8, set Cargo feature mac_os_10_8_features. To have both 10.8 features and 10.7 compatibility, also set mac_os_10_7_support. Setting both requires weak linkage, which is a nightly-only feature as of Rust 1.19.

For more experimental but more complete, generated bindings take a look at

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