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Support for Android armv7 and aarch64 target triples

See servo/servo#11921 and servo/servo#16769

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This repository contains the sources of SpiderMonkey for use with Servo.

The bindings are in the rust-mozjs repository.


In order to upgrade to a new version of SpiderMonkey:

  1. Download the tarball corresponding to the desired mozilla-central commit from treeherder's SM-tc(pkg) job.
  2. Update etc/COMMIT.
  3. Run python3 ./etc/ path/to/tarball.
  4. Clone and build the servo/rust-bindgen repository with llvm 3.9 or newer.
  5. Clone the servo/rust-mozjs repository.
  6. For each supported platform (linux 32, linux 64, macos 64, windows gcc and msvc 64):
    • $ cd path/to/rust-mozjs
    • $ ./etc/ <platform> ../path/to/bindgen ../path/to/clang/libs