Automatically generates Rust FFI bindings to C (and some C++) libraries.
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bindgen automatically generates Rust FFI bindings to C (and some C++) libraries.

For example, given the C header doggo.h:

typedef struct Doggo {
    int many;
    char wow;
} Doggo;

void eleven_out_of_ten_majestic_af(Doggo* pupper);

bindgen produces Rust FFI code allowing you to call into the doggo library's functions and use its types:

/* automatically generated by rust-bindgen */

pub struct Doggo {
    pub many: ::std::os::raw::c_int,
    pub wow: ::std::os::raw::c_char,

extern "C" {
    pub fn eleven_out_of_ten_majestic_af(pupper: *mut Doggo);

Users Guide

📚 Read the bindgen users guide here! 📚

API Reference

API reference documentation is on


See for hacking on bindgen!