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Add arm platform builders.

This would be useful for ajeffrey's work.

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.travis Remove sdk tests Jul 25, 2018
_modules Remove backported modules now included in our Salt Sep 30, 2016
_states Stop using old Jul 25, 2018
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buildbot Add gstplayer dependencies Aug 13, 2018
common Fix /dev/kvm permissions on linux-kvm builders Jul 11, 2018
docs Include tips for upgrading salt Jul 31, 2018
etc Add Taskcluster config for image building Jan 8, 2018
git Rename Servo build dependency sls files Mar 22, 2016
homu Add arm platform builders. Aug 15, 2018
intermittent-failure-tracker Update intermittent failure tracker. Nov 15, 2017
intermittent-tracker Update intermittent-tracker. Nov 10, 2017
nginx Delay cert renew cron job and file a github issue on failure. Mar 19, 2018
osx Add scripts to clean up all known build directories on build machines. Feb 9, 2018
python Apply #830 only to Macs May 14, 2018
salt Bump Salt to 2017.8.2 Jul 25, 2018
servo-build-dependencies Add gstplayer dependencies Aug 13, 2018
tests Lint generated master.cfg Aug 9, 2018
ubuntu Remove all build artifacts instead of specific targets. Jul 29, 2018
upstream-wpt-webhook Ensure WTP sync service locale supports non-ascii characters. Mar 21, 2018
xvfb Skip timezone.system and service.running on Docker Apr 29, 2017
.gitignore Add test suite, check executable shebangs Apr 4, 2016
.taskcluster.yml Add Taskcluster config for image building Jan 8, 2018
.travis.yml Add linux-kvm builder type Jul 10, 2018
Dockerfile Docker: add docs, bump all digests Jan 8, 2018
LICENSE-APACHE Add a license Jan 8, 2016
LICENSE-MIT Add a license Jan 8, 2016 Enable unlimited Salt job logging Dec 23, 2016 Add test suite, check executable shebangs Apr 4, 2016
Vagrantfile Upgrade to Vagrant 2 for `salt_call_args` Oct 4, 2017
requirements.txt Use `safety` to check for vulnerable Python packages Jun 1, 2017 Drop Python requirement for tests to 3.4 from 3.5 Apr 29, 2017
top.sls Add gstreamer deps Jul 27, 2018

Servo's SaltStack Configuration

Build Status

What's going on?

Salt is a configuration management tool that we use to automate Servo's infrastructure. See the tutorials to get started.


There are guides available on the servo wiki, as well as some documention in-tree in the docs folder. If you see a way that these configurations could be improved, or try to set up your own instance and run into trouble, file an issue!


TravisCI is set up to test all configurations.


This repository is distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0).


Note that some files in underscore-prefix directories (e.g. under _modules) are copies (possibly with changes) of files from the main Salt repo; these files have headers detailing the source of those files, any changes made, and the original license notice associated with those files.