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Add newline to the output.

The last line of output from tidy did not end with a newline if some
errors were reported.
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zwn committed Apr 20, 2016
1 parent 6f801e3 commit 01b111c43e88c94f5fec3bdb566c0ad1e6d409c7
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  1. +2 −1 python/tidy/servo_tidy/
@@ -647,6 +647,7 @@ def scan(faster=False, progress=True):
error = None
for error in errors:
print "\r\033[94m{}\033[0m:\033[93m{}\033[0m: \033[91m{}\033[0m".format(*error)
if error is None:
print "\n\033[92mtidy reported no errors.\033[0m"
print "\033[92mtidy reported no errors.\033[0m"
return int(error is not None)

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