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Add clean target for servo gfx; Clean servo_gfx when running make cle…

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1 parent 23c35c4 commit 042a33e2819749aeba6bf8d92c82371aba0b3afd Brian J. Burg committed
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5 mk/
@@ -25,5 +25,8 @@ clean-fast: $(DEPS_CLEAN_TARGETS_FAST) clean-servo
$(Q)echo "Cleaning targets:"
$(Q)echo "$(filter-out $(SLOW_BUILDS),$(DEPS_CLEAN_ALL))"
+ cd $(B)/src/servo-gfx/ && rm -rf libservo_gfx*.dylib $(DONE_servo_gfx)
+clean-servo: clean-servo-gfx
rm -f servo servo-test

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