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Run a subset of tests using async html tokenizer

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cynicaldevil committed Jul 21, 2017
1 parent 6534b27 commit 04c15888ce83e27b97cfe7b39aaab667ab53f791
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@@ -27,6 +27,8 @@ mac-rel-wpt4:
- ./mach build --release
- ./mach test-wpt --release --processes 4 --total-chunks 4 --this-chunk 4 --log-raw test-wpt.log --log-errorsummary wpt-errorsummary.log --always-succeed
- ./mach filter-intermittents wpt-errorsummary.log --log-intermittents intermittents.log --log-filteredsummary filtered-wpt-errorsummary.log --use-tracker
- ./mach test-wpt --release --pref dom.servoparser.async_html_tokenizer.enabled --processes=8 --log-raw test-async-parsing.log --log-errorsummary async-parsing-errorsummary.log --always-succeed domparsing html/syntax html/dom/documents html/dom/dynamic-markup-insertion
- ./mach filter-intermittents async-parsing-errorsummary.log --log-intermittents async-parsing-intermittents.log --log-filteredsummary filtered-async-parsing-errorsummary.log --use-tracker

- ./mach clean-nightlies --keep 3 --force

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