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Update mach bootstrap for changes to wpt harness path in gecko
Gecko is now using the wpt harness under the wpt tools directory
rather than a copy in an adjacent directory. Therefore the path to the
requirements files, and the required model paths, have changed.
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jgraham committed Jun 5, 2017
1 parent d767e60 commit 06cdf7b
Showing 1 changed file with 18 additions and 11 deletions.
29 changes: 18 additions & 11 deletions python/
Expand Up @@ -14,11 +14,6 @@
os.path.join("python", "tidy"),


# Individual files providing mach commands.
os.path.join('python', 'servo', ''),
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -106,7 +101,7 @@ def _get_virtualenv_script_dir():
return "bin"

def wpt_path(topdir, paths, is_firefox):
def wpt_path(is_firefox, topdir, *paths):
if is_firefox:
rel = os.path.join("..", "testing", "web-platform")
Expand All @@ -115,6 +110,16 @@ def wpt_path(topdir, paths, is_firefox):
return os.path.join(topdir, rel, *paths)

def wpt_harness_path(is_firefox, topdir, *paths):
wpt_root = wpt_path(is_firefox, topdir)
if is_firefox:
rel = os.path.join(wpt_root, "tests", "tools", "wptrunner")
rel = os.path.join(wpt_root, "harness")

return os.path.join(topdir, rel, *paths)

def _activate_virtualenv(topdir, is_firefox):
virtualenv_path = os.path.join(topdir, "python", "_virtualenv")
check_exec_path = lambda path: path.startswith(virtualenv_path)
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -157,9 +162,9 @@ def _activate_virtualenv(topdir, is_firefox):
# and it will check for conflicts.
requirements_paths = [
os.path.join("python", "requirements.txt"),
wpt_path(topdir, ("harness", "requirements.txt"), is_firefox),
wpt_path(topdir, ("harness", "requirements_firefox.txt"), is_firefox),
wpt_path(topdir, ("harness", "requirements_servo.txt"), is_firefox),
wpt_harness_path(is_firefox, topdir, "requirements.txt",),
wpt_harness_path(is_firefox, topdir, "requirements_firefox.txt"),
wpt_harness_path(is_firefox, topdir, "requirements_servo.txt"),

if need_pip_upgrade:
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -257,8 +262,10 @@ def populate_context(context, key=None):
raise AttributeError(key)

sys.path[0:0] = [os.path.join(topdir, path) for path in SEARCH_PATHS]
sys.path[0:0] = [wpt_path(topdir, (path,), is_firefox)
for path in WPT_SEARCH_PATHS]

sys.path[0:0] = [wpt_path(is_firefox, topdir),
wpt_harness_path(is_firefox, topdir)]

import mach.main
mach = mach.main.Mach(os.getcwd())
mach.populate_context_handler = populate_context
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