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embedding README updates
this provides some more current directions for testing
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How to test:

1. Go to and download a binary for your OS/arch
2. Unpack the (huge) archive
3. Create both Debug and Release build types for CEF (```./ [Debug|Release]```)
4. Build servo with ```./mach build-cef [--release]```
5. Run a CEF-based executable with the embedding crate preloaded:
* Linux: ```LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/cef-bin-unpack-dir/out/$build_type LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/servo/build/libembedding-*.so [CEF EXE]```
6. Enjoy CEF-powered crashes
1. Build Servo's embedding crate (```./mach build-cef [--release]```)
2. Build ECEF (
4. Enjoy CEF-powered crashes

* Running with the Debug build in GDB is EXTREMELY slow on startup. Only use this if you are actively debugging an unimplemented CEF interaction.
* The contents of `interfaces/` are entirely autogenerated. To
regenerate, see for full instructions

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