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jdm committed Nov 22, 2019
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# option. This file may not be copied, modified, or distributed
# except according to those terms.

# Usage: python [path/to/wpt.log] ...
# Given a series of WPT log files as arguments, this script
# extracts the status of each test file (ok; error; timeout; etc.)
# and how long it took to ran, then creates three CSV files, each
# sorted by runtime:
# - longest_ok.csv: all tests that passed
# - longest_err.csv: all tests that failed or had an error
# - timeouts.csv: all tests that timed out
# This information can be used to quickly determine the longest-running
# tests in the WPT testsuite in order to improve the overall testsuite
# runtime on CI.

import sys
import json
import collections

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