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style: Avoid some signed -> unsigned conversions for box-ordinal-group.

This is consistent with the `order` property anyhow, and allows to simplify some

Negatives are still not parsed, but rust uses a similar representation for all
CSS <integer> values and so should C++.

Differential Revision:
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emilio committed Aug 21, 2019
1 parent 7c4dc9e commit 14c7e133ade82a463277f788c9839f33e6d8dcb6
Showing with 1 addition and 13 deletions.
  1. +1 −13 components/style/properties/
@@ -3040,19 +3040,7 @@ clip-path
${impl_simple_type_with_conversion("_moz_force_broken_image_icon", "mForceBrokenImageIcon")}

<%self:impl_trait style_struct_name="XUL"
pub fn set__moz_box_ordinal_group(&mut self, v: i32) {
self.gecko.mBoxOrdinal = v as u32;

${impl_simple_copy("_moz_box_ordinal_group", "mBoxOrdinal")}

pub fn clone__moz_box_ordinal_group(&self) -> i32 {
self.gecko.mBoxOrdinal as i32
<%self:impl_trait style_struct_name="XUL">

% for style_struct in data.style_structs:

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