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style: Add readability backplate for all elements containing text whe…

…n HCM or a11y theme is active.

Differential Revision:
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MReschenberg authored and emilio committed Oct 4, 2019
1 parent d43632c commit 1c1437df59f6c4f81087caf76a71d0af37af0809
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  1. +10 −0 components/style/properties/
@@ -362,9 +362,19 @@ fn should_ignore_declaration_when_ignoring_document_colors(
// Treat background-color a bit differently. If the specified color is
// anything other than a fully transparent color, convert it into the
// Device's default background color.
// Also: for now, we treat background-image a bit differently, too.
// background-image is marked as ignored, but really, we only ignore
// it when backplates are disabled (since then text may be unreadable over
// a background image, if we're ignoring document colors).
// Here we check backplate status to decide if ignoring background-image
// is the right decision.
let background_color = match **declaration {
PropertyDeclaration::BackgroundColor(ref color) => color,
// In the future, if/when we remove the backplate pref, we can remove this
// special case along with the 'ignored_when_colors_disabled=True' mako line
// for the "background-image" property.
PropertyDeclaration::BackgroundImage(..) => return !static_prefs::pref!("browser.display.permit_backplate"),
_ => return true,

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