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Expand var() references in single_value_to_css
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This is a temporary step needed to support Gecko's getKeyframes() API
until we implement bug 1391537. It only takes effect when
a ComputedValues object is supplied and only for longhand declarations.
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birtles committed Aug 21, 2017
1 parent 87206bd commit 4f53ca2
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Showing 3 changed files with 33 additions and 7 deletions.
4 changes: 3 additions & 1 deletion components/style/gecko/generated/
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Expand Up @@ -2562,7 +2562,9 @@ extern "C" {
pub fn Servo_DeclarationBlock_SerializeOneValue(declarations:
property: nsCSSPropertyID,
buffer: *mut nsAString);
buffer: *mut nsAString,
extern "C" {
pub fn Servo_DeclarationBlock_Count(declarations:
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28 changes: 25 additions & 3 deletions components/style/properties/
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Expand Up @@ -518,13 +518,35 @@ impl PropertyDeclarationBlock {

/// Take a declaration block known to contain a single property and serialize it.
pub fn single_value_to_css<W>(&self, property: &PropertyId, dest: &mut W) -> fmt::Result
where W: fmt::Write,
pub fn single_value_to_css<W>(
property: &PropertyId,
dest: &mut W,
computed_values: Option<&ComputedValues>,
) -> fmt::Result
W: fmt::Write,
match property.as_shorthand() {
Err(_longhand_or_custom) => {
if self.declarations.len() == 1 {
let declaration = &self.declarations[0].0;
// If we have a longhand declaration with variables, those variables will be
// stored as unparsed values. As a temporary measure to produce sensible results
// in Gecko's getKeyframes() implementation for CSS animations, if
// |computed_values| is supplied, we use it to expand such variable
// declarations. This will be fixed properly in Gecko bug 1391537.
match (declaration, computed_values) {
(&PropertyDeclaration::WithVariables(id, ref unparsed),
Some(ref computed_values)) => unparsed
(ref d, _) => d.to_css(dest),
} else {
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8 changes: 5 additions & 3 deletions ports/geckolib/
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Expand Up @@ -564,7 +564,8 @@ pub extern "C" fn Servo_AnimationValue_Serialize(value: RawServoAnimationValueBo
let uncomputed_value = AnimationValue::as_arc(&value).uncompute();
let mut string = String::new();
let rv = PropertyDeclarationBlock::with_one(uncomputed_value, Importance::Normal)
.single_value_to_css(&get_property_id_from_nscsspropertyid!(property, ()), &mut string);
.single_value_to_css(&get_property_id_from_nscsspropertyid!(property, ()), &mut string,

let buffer = unsafe { buffer.as_mut().unwrap() };
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -2142,12 +2143,13 @@ pub extern "C" fn Servo_DeclarationBlock_GetCssText(declarations: RawServoDeclar
pub extern "C" fn Servo_DeclarationBlock_SerializeOneValue(
declarations: RawServoDeclarationBlockBorrowed,
property_id: nsCSSPropertyID, buffer: *mut nsAString)
property_id: nsCSSPropertyID, buffer: *mut nsAString,
computed_values: ServoStyleContextBorrowedOrNull)
let property_id = get_property_id_from_nscsspropertyid!(property_id, ());
read_locked_arc(declarations, |decls: &PropertyDeclarationBlock| {
let mut string = String::new();
let rv = decls.single_value_to_css(&property_id, &mut string);
let rv = decls.single_value_to_css(&property_id, &mut string, computed_values);

let buffer = unsafe { buffer.as_mut().unwrap() };
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