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Do not start up webvr services when running webxr and vice versa

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Manishearth committed Jul 31, 2019
1 parent 174bcc4 commit 5ab40e991e2e5d7495d6561a064c559ee57775bd
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@@ -381,16 +381,20 @@ where
// can't defer it after `create_constellation` has started.

if pref!(dom.webxr.enabled) && pref!(dom.webvr.enabled) {
panic!("We don't currently support running both WebVR and WebXR");

// For the moment, we enable use both the webxr crate and the rust-webvr crate,
// but we are migrating over to just using webxr.
let mut webxr_main_thread = webxr_api::MainThreadRegistry::new(event_loop_waker)
.expect("Failed to create WebXR device registry");
if pref!(dom.webvr.enabled) || pref!(dom.webxr.enabled) {
if pref!(dom.webxr.enabled) {
embedder.register_webxr(&mut webxr_main_thread);

let mut webvr_heartbeats = Vec::new();
let webvr_services = if pref!(dom.webvr.enabled) || pref!(dom.webxr.enabled) {
let webvr_services = if pref!(dom.webvr.enabled) {
let mut services = VRServiceManager::new();
embedder.register_vr_services(&mut services, &mut webvr_heartbeats);

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