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asajeffrey committed Apr 23, 2019
1 parent 3aa58ee commit 61f7f12f586b039a7f89a72091ba4134e82a6946
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@@ -111,7 +111,8 @@ def linux(context, force=False):
pkgs_apt = ['git', 'curl', 'autoconf', 'libx11-dev', 'libfreetype6-dev',
'libgl1-mesa-dri', 'libglib2.0-dev', 'xorg-dev', 'gperf', 'g++',
'build-essential', 'cmake', 'python-pip',
'libbz2-dev', 'libosmesa6-dev', 'libxmu6', 'libxmu-dev', 'libglu1-mesa-dev',
'libbz2-dev', 'liblzma-dev',
'libosmesa6-dev', 'libxmu6', 'libxmu-dev', 'libglu1-mesa-dev',
'libgles2-mesa-dev', 'libegl1-mesa-dev', 'libdbus-1-dev', 'libharfbuzz-dev',
'ccache', 'clang', 'autoconf2.13', "libunwind-dev"]
pkgs_dnf = ['libtool', 'gcc-c++', 'libXi-devel', 'freetype-devel',

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