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style: Don't assume siblings are alive in the rule tree when removing…
… ourselves from the child list.

We can't assume all our siblings are alive because they may very well be in the
free list too.

This tempts to happen when the rule nodes are destroyed as part of the last GC,
the one that runs in the root destructor.

Also, properly put the next sibling back into the list when the rules are GCd.
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emilio committed Nov 10, 2016
1 parent 164e956 commit 65f239c
Showing 1 changed file with 16 additions and 11 deletions.
27 changes: 16 additions & 11 deletions components/style/rule_tree/
Expand Up @@ -200,21 +200,26 @@ impl RuleNode {
unsafe fn remove_from_child_list(&self) {
debug!("Remove from child list: {:?}, parent: {:?}",
self as *const RuleNode, self.parent.as_ref().map(|p| p.ptr()));
let prev_sibling = self.prev_sibling.swap(ptr::null_mut(), Ordering::SeqCst);
let next_sibling = self.next_sibling.swap(ptr::null_mut(), Ordering::SeqCst);

if prev_sibling != ptr::null_mut() {
let really_previous = WeakRuleNode { ptr: prev_sibling };
.get(), Ordering::SeqCst);
// NB: The other siblings we use in this function can also be dead, so
// we can't use `get` here, since it asserts.
let prev_sibling = self.prev_sibling.swap(ptr::null_mut(), Ordering::Relaxed);
let next_sibling = self.next_sibling.swap(ptr::null_mut(), Ordering::Relaxed);

// Store the `next` pointer as appropriate, either in the previous
// sibling, or in the parent otherwise.
if prev_sibling == ptr::null_mut() {
let parent = self.parent.as_ref().unwrap();
parent.get(), Ordering::Relaxed);
} else {
.get(), Ordering::SeqCst);
let previous = &*prev_sibling;, Ordering::Relaxed);

// Store the previous sibling pointer in the next sibling if present,
// otherwise we're done.
if next_sibling != ptr::null_mut() {
let really_next = WeakRuleNode { ptr: next_sibling };
really_next.upgrade().get(), Ordering::SeqCst);
let next = &*next_sibling;, Ordering::Relaxed);

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