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Update Android build instructions in README
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Expand Up @@ -143,9 +143,14 @@ real-world use, add the `--release` flag to create an optimized build:
``` sh
git clone
cd servo
ANDROID_TOOLCHAIN=/path/to/toolchain ANDROID_NDK=/path/to/ndk PATH=$PATH:/path/to/toolchain/bin ./mach build --android
cd ports/android
ANDROID_SDK=/path/to/sdk make install

export ANDROID_SDK="/path/to/sdk"
export ANDROID_NDK="/path/to/ndk"
export ANDROID_TOOLCHAIN="/path/to/toolchain"
export PATH="$PATH:/path/to/toolchain/bin"

./mach build --release --android
./mach package --release

Rather than setting the `ANDROID_*` environment variables every time, you can
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