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Set the target when packaging for magicleap

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asajeffrey committed Mar 27, 2019
1 parent 0cb87cc commit 733ff9512c79ac10a4d219050621a4e1264fce43
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@@ -212,6 +212,11 @@ def package(self, release=False, dev=False, android=None, magicleap=None, debug=
android = self.handle_android_target(target)
target = self.config["android"]["target"]
if target and magicleap:
print("Please specify either --target or --magicleap.")
if magicleap:
target = "aarch64-linux-android"
env = self.build_env(target=target)
binary_path = self.get_binary_path(release, dev, android=android, magicleap=magicleap)
dir_to_root = self.get_top_dir()

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