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Pass isMember to getJSToNativeConversionInfo for unions.

Also includes a documentation update for isMember.
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Ms2ger committed Feb 16, 2017
1 parent 2a50427 commit 7d24cd7752f8b4c030525612fb0fc3496d5fa169
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  1. +5 −6 components/script/dom/bindings/codegen/
@@ -581,11 +581,9 @@ def getJSToNativeConversionInfo(type, descriptorProvider, failureCode=None,
If isDefinitelyObject is True, that means we know the value
isObject() and we have no need to recheck that.
if isMember is True, we're being converted from a property of some
JS object, not from an actual method argument, so we can't rely on
our jsval being rooted or outliving us in any way. Any caller
passing true needs to ensure that it is handled correctly in
isMember is `False`, "Dictionary", "Union" or "Variadic", and affects
whether this function returns code suitable for an on-stack rooted binding
or suitable for storing in an appropriate larger structure.
invalidEnumValueFatal controls whether an invalid enum value conversion
attempt will throw (if true) or simply return without doing anything (if
@@ -4059,7 +4057,8 @@ def getUnionTypeTemplateVars(type, descriptorProvider):
info = getJSToNativeConversionInfo(
type, descriptorProvider, failureCode="return Ok(None);",
exceptionCode='return Err(());',
template = info.template

jsConversion = string.Template(template).substitute({

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