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Deduplicate task dependencies

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SimonSapin committed Nov 21, 2019
1 parent 203a06f commit 83921dbc990a799aa603bea697a745667ceb9612
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@@ -221,9 +221,14 @@ def create(self):
assert CONFIG.decision_task_id
assert CONFIG.task_owner
assert CONFIG.task_source

def dedup(xs):
seen = set()
return [x for x in xs if not (x in seen or seen.add(x))]

queue_payload = {
"taskGroupId": CONFIG.decision_task_id,
"dependencies": [CONFIG.decision_task_id] + self.dependencies,
"dependencies": dedup([CONFIG.decision_task_id] + self.dependencies),
"schedulerId": self.scheduler_id,
"provisionerId": self.provisioner_id,
"workerType": self.worker_type,

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