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Rename `size_of_is_0!` as `malloc_size_of_is_0!`.

The new name makes it clearer that it comes from the `malloc_size_of`
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nnethercote committed Oct 18, 2017
1 parent ac74cd5 commit a26d25db12ad25276df16362a1a4e7ab33347952
@@ -415,7 +415,7 @@ impl<T: MallocSizeOf, U> MallocSizeOf for euclid::TypedSize2D<T, U> {

/// For use on types where size_of() returns 0.
macro_rules! size_of_is_0(
macro_rules! malloc_size_of_is_0(
($($ty:ty),+) => (
impl $crate::MallocSizeOf for $ty {
@@ -438,14 +438,14 @@ macro_rules! size_of_is_0(

size_of_is_0!(bool, char, str);
size_of_is_0!(u8, u16, u32, u64, usize);
size_of_is_0!(i8, i16, i32, i64, isize);
size_of_is_0!(f32, f64);
malloc_size_of_is_0!(bool, char, str);
malloc_size_of_is_0!(u8, u16, u32, u64, usize);
malloc_size_of_is_0!(i8, i16, i32, i64, isize);
malloc_size_of_is_0!(f32, f64);

size_of_is_0!(Range<u8>, Range<u16>, Range<u32>, Range<u64>, Range<usize>);
size_of_is_0!(Range<i8>, Range<i16>, Range<i32>, Range<i64>, Range<isize>);
size_of_is_0!(Range<f32>, Range<f64>);
malloc_size_of_is_0!(Range<u8>, Range<u16>, Range<u32>, Range<u64>, Range<usize>);
malloc_size_of_is_0!(Range<i8>, Range<i16>, Range<i32>, Range<i64>, Range<isize>);
malloc_size_of_is_0!(Range<f32>, Range<f64>);

size_of_is_0!(cssparser::RGBA, cssparser::TokenSerializationType);
malloc_size_of_is_0!(cssparser::RGBA, cssparser::TokenSerializationType);
@@ -389,4 +389,4 @@ impl From<*mut nsAtom> for Atom {

@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ pub mod system_colors {

// It's hard to implement MallocSizeOf for LookAndFeel_ColorID because it
// is a bindgen type. So we implement it on the typedef instead.

impl ToCss for SystemColor {
fn to_css<W>(&self, dest: &mut W) -> fmt::Result where W: fmt::Write {

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