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Remove FlowConstructionUtils

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nox committed Jan 14, 2019
1 parent a92dd09 commit aacaf1bd7011f6b0800940eff7bbfbafcff6c3cf
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@@ -2045,23 +2045,7 @@ where

// This must not be public because only the layout constructor can call these
// methods.
trait FlowConstructionUtils {
/// Adds a new flow as a child of this flow. Removes the flow from the given leaf set if
/// it's present.
fn add_new_child(&mut self, new_child: FlowRef);

/// Finishes a flow. Once a flow is finished, no more child flows or boxes may be added to it.
/// This will normally run the bubble-inline-sizes (minimum and preferred -- i.e. intrinsic --
/// inline-size) calculation, unless the global `bubble_inline-sizes_separately` flag is on.
/// All flows must be finished at some point, or they will not have their intrinsic inline-
/// sizes properly computed. (This is not, however, a memory safety problem.)
fn finish(&mut self);

impl FlowConstructionUtils for FlowRef {
impl FlowRef {
/// Adds a new flow as a child of this flow. Fails if this flow is marked as a leaf.
fn add_new_child(&mut self, mut new_child: FlowRef) {

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